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Larry Smith Consulting’s mission is to help clients increase productivity in their talent acquisition process and beyond. We present candidates with excellent profile matches that reinforce employee retention and company growth. Candidate coaching ensures an understanding of the organization, culture, products, personal development and the position’s requirements to facilitate concise and productive interactions with client companies.

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Clear, Actionable Guidance

Larry’s coaching got me hired. He offers clear, actionable guidance derived from his accomplished career in biotech industry and is generous sharing lessons learned. Larry is approachable, direct, and skilled at teaching. My confidence soared during the interview process because of Larry’s candid feedback. His respect for the field is reflected in his thorough evaluation, and I knew he would only make connections where he saw potential for success. It is with this perspective he works to grow a team, not just fill an open position.

Nichole Bowman
Sales Associate, 10x Genomics

Realize Your Potential

I highly recommend speaking with Larry about your career. He genuinely cares about helping people find positions that allow them to realize their potential and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.


A True Leader & Coach

Larry is a true leader and coach, which shines through in his approach to recruiting. I always looked forward to speaking with him. He was extremely knowledgeable and prepared throughout the interview process and made sure I had the tools and resources to be successful. His service was invaluable, and I will use much of his advice as I advance in my career.

Brandon Goldblatt
Sales Executive, 10x Genomics

Larry excels

Larry knows the difference between managing organizations and managing people and he excels at both. He gives clear objectives, actionable feedback, and is capable of wielding praise and criticism appropriately to motivate excellence. It was my pleasure to learn about management from someone who operates at his level.

Mark Lawson
Field Applications Area Leader, Bio-Rad Laboratories

Outstanding Coach & Strong Leader

Larry Smith exemplifies two key attributes useful in any organization. First, he’s an outstanding coach who’s passionate about the growth of those who work for him and those that surround him. Second, he’s a strong leader who understands what’s most important and inspires his team to achieve objectives.

Ryan Short
Director, Americas Marketing, Bio-Rad Laboratories

Phenomenal Ability

I have had the honor of reporting to Larry as a sales rep and frontline sales manager for over four years. Larry has a phenomenal ability to get adoption of selling skills and sales process by his sales force. A true sales professional and leader; Larry earns maximum effort from his people.

Michael Fanelli
Business Development Executive, Strategic Accounts, US West at Metabolon, Inc.

Fantastic Guidance

Larry has been a fantastic outlet for guidance during my transition from academia to industry.  As he exudes wisdom from many years of experience, talking to him is easy and fun. It is immediately apparent that he gets to know the individual, senses their needs, and works with a deep honesty. He is committed to creatively providing all resources that he can to help obtain the best job opportunities for the candidates with whom he teams up. He is collaborative, motivated, and thoughtful. Working with him has been productive and delightful!

Emily Adney
NGS Field Application Scientist, Integrated DNA Technologies

Great Coach & Mentor

Larry hired me as the NW Region Manager for Bio-Rad Labs. He was a great coach and mentor to me in this role. We were able to achieve great success together and he helped me lead my team to double-digit growth in back to back years. Larry taught me the value of SalesForce.com and how to maximize revenue generation with regular funnel audits. Overall, Larry is a strong leader and an asset to any organization.

Ben Harmssen
Executive Director, Covance

Authentic Leader

Larry Smith is an authentic leader who strives for excellence. And Larry understands that leadership and success are about people. Larry strives to coach and develop the people who work for him and with him, and in return gets maximum results from each person. I was one of those people. Therefore, I am confident that Larry Smith will benefit the leadership team in any organization.

Tony Truong
Regional Sales Manager, Bio-Rad Laboratories

Great Coach

When I started with Bio-Rad, Larry was my sales manager. Of all the managers I’ve had in my sales career, I’ve learned and benefited the most from working under Larry. He’s a great coach, team builder and has an in-depth understanding of the sales process. I appreciated the opportunity to work with him, and would most welcome the chance to do so again.

Ellen Bishop
Key Account Manager, NanoString Technologies