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About Us

Put our experience to work for you.

Launched in 2020, Larry Smith Consulting is committed to meeting, familiarizing and coaching great people. We provide a path to achieve the success they desire and deserve.

We strive to represent companies that are leaders, in terms of reputation, innovation and the impact they offer to their customers and employees.

Together, we help candidates and clients mutually succeed.

Meet Our Founder.

Larry Smith, Founder / Recruiter

Larry Smith has over 25 years of proven experience in the life science, oil and gas, food, environmental, electronics and diagnostics markets. He has extensive experience interviewing candidates and training new managers in talent selection and team building. He has worked with Human Resources to develop and implement a wide range of search, interviewing and onboarding techniques and processes.

Larry began his career with American Hospital Supply and Baxter. He thrived leading sales teams and managers with Bio-Rad Laboratories. He diversified his experience as Sales Director with Elsevier, the world’s largest research publisher. He enjoyed sharing research and engineering data and tools with many of the world’s great innovation companies. Most recently, Larry led a team with Agilent Technologies, a global leader in chromatography, mass spectrometry, genomics, and diagnostics tools.

Larry enjoys golf, fishing, hockey, and playing airsoft with his son Noah who is a Semiconductor Engineer at Texas Instruments after finishing a Masters in Engineering and an MBA at the University of North Texas. His wife, Michelle, is a certified medical technologist and was a research scientist, before embarking on an award-winning sales career with Bio-Rad, Boehringer Mannheim, and Roche. His family lives in Southlake, Texas. They enjoy time in northern Minnesota in the summer, where Larry grew up enjoying the outdoors.

Larry hired me as the NW Region Manager for Bio-Rad Labs. He was a great coach and mentor to me in this role. We were able to achieve great success together and he helped me lead my team to double-digit growth in back to back years. Larry taught me the value of and how to maximize revenue generation with regular funnel audits. Overall, Larry is a strong leader and an asset to any organization.

Ben HarmssenExecutive Director, Covance

Larry Smith is an authentic leader who strives for excellence. And Larry understands that leadership and success are about people. Larry strives to coach and develop the people who work for him and with him, and in return gets maximum results from each person. I was one of those people. Therefore, I am confident that Larry Smith will benefit the leadership team in any organization.

Tony TruongRegional Sales Manager, Bio-Rad Laboratories

When I started with Bio-Rad, Larry was my sales manager. Of all the managers I've had in my sales career, I've learned and benefited the most from working under Larry. He's a great coach, team builder and has an in-depth understanding of the sales process. I appreciated the opportunity to work with him, and would most welcome the chance to do so again.

Ellen BishopKey Account Manager, NanoString Technologies

Larry Smith exemplifies two key attributes useful in any organization. First, he’s an outstanding coach who’s passionate about the growth of those who work for him and those that surround him. Second, he’s a strong leader who understands what’s most important and inspires his team to achieve objectives.

Ryan ShortDirector, Americas Marketing, Bio-Rad Laboratories

I have had the honor of reporting to Larry as a sales rep and frontline sales manager for over four years. Larry has a phenomenal ability to get adoption of selling skills and sales process by his sales force. A true sales professional and leader; Larry earns maximum effort from his people.

Michael FanelliBusiness Development Executive, Strategic Accounts, US West at Metabolon, Inc.

Larry knows the difference between managing organizations and managing people and he excels at both. He gives clear objectives, actionable feedback, and is capable of wielding praise and criticism appropriately to motivate excellence. It was my pleasure to learn about management from someone who operates at his level.

Mark LawsonField Applications Area Leader, Bio-Rad Laboratories