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Larry Smith Consulting is a targeted talent search and recruiting firm for a small group of client companies. We specialize in finding and preparing candidates for sales, marketing, operations, and technical positions for placement in premiere biotech and other innovative companies. Please browse our current opportunities and set up a meeting with Larry today!

Why partner with Larry Smith Consulting?

  1. We are an approved recruiting specialist for our client companies.
  2. If you have the skills and profile the client desires, our interactions may provide you with the knowledge, coaching, and understanding to help you compete effectively for the position.
  3. Typically, we have access to the internal hiring personnel of our client companies. If we mutually agree that you are a great fit for an active posted position (below), your resume and profile will be submitted for careful analysis by the hiring personnel.
  4. We aim to provide prompt feedback on questions, job details, our meeting feedback, and candidate status.

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All posted positions are based on the latest communication with our client(s). There may be times that jobs are filled, removed or changed by our clients without our immediate knowledge. We endeavor to keep our job postings as accurate and timely as possible, but we do not guarantee this content. If you have questions about our postings, please contact LarryS@LarrySmithConsulting.com.