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Recruit Talent

The sky is the limit to what we can achieve.

Recruiting great talent doesn’t require miracles. We find the stars, even those that are challenging to locate.  Our network is vast, but specific to our client markets.  We provide hiring support for sales, marketing, operations, and technical staff. Our goal is to support the complete hiring needs of our clients, from entry-level to executive leadership.

Why Choose Us?

Recruiting and hiring talented people has been a key to Larry’s team successes. He has been involved in hiring more than a hundred sales, marketing, scientists, operations leaders, and individual contributors. He focuses on selecting results-oriented, coachable, high-integrity individuals that work well in teams and individually. Larry believes that people traits are as important as profiles. He has coached and developed numerous sales and business leaders.

How We Work.

  1. Thoroughly understand hiring manager and company needs, expectations, hiring process and culture
  2. Perform a targeted candidate search, seeking top performers with great potential that align with the skillsets and characteristics clients require. We utilize knowledge and skill from years of networking and hiring technical personnel.
  3. Interview to discover the person behind the resume. Larry has a vast knowledge of screening, coaching, and preparing candidates for success.
  4. Provide workflow simplification for our clients, including deeper screening, refined submissions, interview scheduling and prompt attention to details needed by our clients.
  5. Deliver value along your entire hiring process.

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